First Days in Singapore


We have arrived 😊. Finally 😊

We have a hotel near the city. Our first important mission, we need food for Tabea. Of course, we have read for our trip and have given it for food. Here we are among others on the page encountered. It is added that this is possible without any major problems. Unfortunately, we can not confirm that, the thinnest was Baby glas already. As described on the page, you could buy this Quetschie without end. We started off with a good 20 “shops” or local shops. In Singapore, the small glasses such. Not so well known by Hipp, apparently, the babies from the beginning only solid food. Also, we are on the 1st day unfortunately unsuccessful and will return in our hotel. Tabea received her bottle as usual.

Day two 30.12.2017, the same mission as yesterday. Order food for Tabea. This states in the city center a large shopping center. That was the day before, when we saw the day. Now it is not over, feels happy, because 100,000 people in the shopping delusion. Also the shopping center went up and down, the employees drove again from top to bottom, each course twice expired three times. And then, suddenly as we want the mall too, we are still looking forward to a supermarket cold storage and lo and behold there are jars 😊 * yeeeessssss *. However, the prices speak for themselves.


Nothing is better, but we bought some glasses for Tabea. For 8 glasses that was a whopping $ 33. Full of joy that we go back to the hotel and prepare a tasty meal for Tabea. Afterwards we go for a walk and pull around the houses. On our stroll we discover a super food center (also called hawker center) with local food and from other countries, such as. Indian.

Golden Mile Food Centre Singapore

Golden Mile Food Centre Singapore Asia

We can only recommend this! It is cheap and suuuuuuper delicious! There we also took our dinner to us and went saturated and managed back to our hotel.

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